A Few of My Favorite Masks

The Best Face Masks via @missmollymoon

The Best Face Masks via @missmollymoon

The Best Face Masks via @missmollymoon

The Best Face Masks via @missmollymoon

The Best Face Masks via @missmollymoon

Sometimes we all need a little at-home pampering, am I right? A good face mask and a good book are two of my favorite ways to treat myself. I try to keep myself stocked with a variety of face masks and eye masks for any time that my skin might need a little refresher. While I still like to pick up new ones now and then, there are a few face masks that I almost always have around…and a couple that I buy in minis so that I can toss them in my carry-on when I travel.

My Current Favorite Face Masks

1. Origins Drink Up Intensive This is my absolute favorite moisturizing face mask. It’s a sleep mask, and it’s perfect for refreshing your face after flying (that tends to dry out my skin). I keep a full sized tube of this mask in the house AND buy it in minis…it’s just that good. If I find myself in an Origins shop, I also grab a couple of minis of their Original Skin Retexturizing Mask. My skin is fairly sensitive, so I can’t use this one as often as the Drink Up Intensive mask.

2. Sephora Eye Masks You can almost always find these in the checkout line at Sephora, but they also have a separate display in my local store. My personal favorites are the Green Tea and the Rose Eye Masks, plus I picked up an Orchid one to try next. They each have a different purpose, that you can find on the front of the package–the Green Tea is refreshing, the Rose is ultra moisturizing, and the Orchid is anti-aging and smoothing. They have a few more choices, too, so pick up a variety if you decide to give them a try!

3. Cosmedix Detox, Restore, and Glow, c/o I had the chance to head over the the Cosmedix headquarters and try out these three masks a few weeks before they were officially released and I fell in love! They’re all pretty great, but my personal favorite is the Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask. It’s got a little bit of a texture to it, so it smooths the skin surface and helps with uneven skin tones. I usually multi-mask, and apply all three of these to different areas of my face. My skin loves it, too!

  • I am all about Origins right now! I love their products; happy to see them on your list.

  • Lacey Anne Douthat

    I love those face masks from Sephora! They’re so good!

  • Briana Anderson

    I’ve been thinking of trying those Sephora masks, but have always been afraid since my skin is sensitive! May have to give it a go now!
    x, B || http://www.brianaanderson.com

  • Annie Marie

    I haven’t tried anything from cosmedix but I love the Sephora masks!

  • Nicole Merlet

    I love a good eye mask!

  • Samantha

    These all sound amazing! They’d be perfect for a little TLC at home!

  • Katey Haines

    Honestly, I see these different masks all the time,but haven’t tried any yet! I’m thinking I need to try the overnight mask and the Sephora eye masks. Especially the Orchid anti-aging 🙂

  • Marguerite Dunigan

    Ah I loooove a good face mask. Such a great way to sit, relax, & let that skin detox! I need to try Origins!
    xoxo Meg | theautumngirl.com

  • Summer Lee

    omg those sephora ones are my fave! love these pics 🙂

  • Vanessa Krombeen

    Ah! I need to try some of these! Always looking for a good mask.
    XOXO – Vanessa

  • i typically like making my own face masks but thinking i might have to try the origins overnight mask. sounds awesome!

  • Emily Moon

    I have heard such good things about the sephora masks! I really want to try out the rose one, it seems to be a hit with a lot of people.

  • Amanda K

    I love Sephora’s face masks! The Orchid is my favorite!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  • Sara

    I’ve actually never done an at-home face mask and think I’m definitely missing out! These sound so heavenly!

    xo, Sara

  • Dasha Guyton

    I’m doing face masks and using so much origins lately I feel like I need to invest in some stock. Thanks for sharing! I DEFINITELY need to try out these other products.

    Dāsha​ ~ ​WindyCityWardrobe​.com