8 Great Gifts for Your Active Guy

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8 Great Gifts for the Active Guy // Miss Molly Moon

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I know, I know, Christmas is on Monday, but my husband can be hard to buy for. I promise you his Christmas gift came in the mail yesterday because I couldn’t figure out what to give him! We’re both pretty active, so he always seems to enjoy getting useful gifts that he can use at the gym. There are even a few that he uses for at-home workouts, too. So, I’ve rounded up 8 of his favorites that would make a great gift for any active guy. I mean, we’re heading into the new year, too, and that’s when everyone hits the gym a little bit harder, right?

Gifts for your favorite active guy…

  1. A Good Pair of Headphones: To be honest, we both use a pair of these headphones when we work out. The covers are washable, they’re wireless, and the sounds quality is great. They also have a great safety feature for anyone who runs or exercises at night, where they light up. Nothing beats a lightweight, comfortable, and wireless pair of headphones for the gym!
  2. Adjustable Dumbbells: My husband got this set for his birthday earlier this year, and he is a huge fan.
    When he has to work late, or just doesn’t feel like leaving the house, he can still get a great workout in using these adjustable dumbbells.
  3. A Sturdy Gym Bag: Stephen pretty much keeps his workout gear in his truck, so that he can stop at the gym on his way home from work. A good duffle bag is a great way for him keep it all together so he can just grab his bag and head to the gym.
  4. Silicone Wedding Rings: These might not seem like that something that would get a lot of use, but it’s a great way to protect your guy’s wedding band. Plus, it’s a lot more comfortable for him when he’s lifting weights.
  5. An Insulated Water Bottle: If you haven’t seen my husband, he’s a pretty large guy. He picked out this big insulated water bottle and uses it every single day. He even packed it in his backpack on our last trip to use in the airport.
  6. A Comfortable Pullover: My husband wears these not only to and from the gym, but he will throw them on in the morning when he’s heading to work. He picked this one out after seeing it in person. And he may or may not be getting one (or two) for Christmas
  7. A Fitness Tracker: Another one of those things that my husband got as a gift a while back and he really enjoys. He’s been wearing this fitness tracker for nearly two years now and still really enjoys it.
  8. Great Running Shoes: Good shoes are really important for exercise, but also for anyone who is on their feet a lot. My husband is a little particular about his shoes, so he picked his own out!