Eating Athens: Ted’s Most Best

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Ted’s Most Best

In the few years that my husband and I have lived in Athens, we’ve tried a whole lot of different pizza. Aside from fries, pizza is probably one the things we eat the most and Ted’s Most Best is our favorite pizza spot. This little gem is right downtown on the same block as one of the local breweries, and it’s perfect for patio dining under their twinkle lights. I tried a couple of different dishes before I settled on my go-to order: a half Spinach & Beet salad and a Sweet P. Pizza (sweet potatoes, prosciutto, and goat cheese), while Stephen tends to stick to the build-your-own calzones they make. We usually keep things a little more casual when we head over to Ted’s, but it’s a versatile little restaurant—last time we were in, there were people in formal gowns and tuxedos settling in for a meal on the patio.

If you find yourself in downtown Athens with a craving for a seriously good meal (that may or may not include a pizza), Ted’s is the place to go. When we were in last weekend, someone recommended the Roasted Vegetable Panini and I’ve added that to my list to try on our next visit if I can stand to skip my favorite pizza in town.

  • We were supposed to go to Athens this upcoming weekend and this was on our list of places to eat. We ended up having to put the trip off for a couple of weeks but still, I’ll be there soon! My husband would love that veggie panini!

    • YES! Girl, if you need any recommendations while you’re here, let me know! Ted’s is SO good.

      • Yes! Gimme all the recommendations. We are heading there in April and it’d be great to get recs from someone that knows the area. A hotel / B&B too. We were really only finding places like a Comfort Inn or Holiday Inn. No shame but I was looking for something that’s not such a major chain.

        • Definitely, I’m happy to help! Shoot me an email with all your questions.